Are You In The Right Workout Level?

While most of us know if we are on the right workout level or not, some of you don’t or are unknowingly in the wrong one. This article is to inform you of the difference between a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level workout routine.


Beginners are those of you who have either completely new or at somewhat new to consistent intelligent weight training.

This means that anyone who has been weight training for less than six months is a beginner. And this is six consistent intelligent weight training, not six months of on and off training or even on and off training for the past 15 years. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have been weight training for longer both have done so incorrectly or without any real ‘intelligent’ weight training as that means that you need to start from scratch. This is especially true if the results you have to show for the training are minuscule or nonexistent. You can’t build a palace on sand.

This also applies to anyone who used to do consistent intelligent weight training but has since stopped for a period of time. This will also be evaluated as a beginner.


Most of you will fall into this category of intermediate weight training experience which is the next level from the beginner.

Intermediates are those who have completed some sort of beginner program which has resulted in at least some strength and muscle as you improved your work capacity and volume tolerance to some degree and have learned the perfect form of every exercise that they have used up to then.


The ones who have reached Advanced level are very few. Those that get to this point cannot be categorized by workout duration but by the degree of completion in achieving perfection. This is also the highest weight training experience level there is.

To be part of the Advanced level, they have to get their bodies close to their genetic potential. This is also the hardest level to cover as the further to perfection you get, the more difficult it becomes design symposium. For some, it takes 3, 5 or even 15 years to get to this point where they only need that next step to achieve perfection.

Most of us are not part of this category and if you are reading this, chances are that you are not in the advanced level so be mindful and realistic of the level you are at and pick the routine that suits you best.


Yes, there is a special category for the Idiot Workout Routine. Put simply, this is when you are using a workout routine that is not meant for your appropriate experience level. This happens more often than you could possibly imagine. Some make some fundamental and truly idiotic mistakes like: Copying what the next guy is doing, using a routine some friend or family member told you, doing whatever feels right at the moment, exercising where you can best show off to the female gym goers, being in a hurry to bulk up where you don’t let your body rest and overestimating your capabilities which will 100% lead to disaster.

Now that you know the basics of the different levels of workout routines available, be sure to pick the one that is for you and for faster results consider health supplements like TestoRip X to complement your workout routine to get you bulkier and stronger faster.