Is TestoRip X really a SCAM?

You must have heard or read somewhere that TestoRip X is a scam and might not be as good as it claims to be. These are not actually written by TestoRip X users and do not have any credibility to it. 

These rumours are spread by incompetent competitors of TestoRip X, who are unable to replicate benefits of TestoRip X and blaming their failure on TestoRip X. Information about testosterone boosting ingredients and methods is available online and various other sources. But how you use and analyze this information makes all the difference.
TestoRip X has managed to analyze this information by analyzing it relentlessly and used this information to create a proprietary formula. This proprietary formula uses natural ingredients and extracts every ounce of benefit it can provide. These ingredients not only complement each other to maximize results, but also make sure that ingredients do not cause side effects due to over use.
Competitors of TestoRip X complain it is slow. TestoRip X helps you to regain optimum levels of TestoRip X within 2 weeks. The only way to achieve this goal faster is by consuming artificial testosterone. Artificial testosterone is nothing but steroids which cause a lot of side effects. Long-term dependency is the worst side effect of steroids. Steroids cause total dependency for maintaining testosterone levels, causing changes like testicle shrinking.

Rather than providing our body with artificial testosterone, TestoRip X provides our body functions the necessary stimulus to promote testosterone production and regulation. It improves the neuro-electric impulses that cause our body to regain its ability to produce high levels of testosterone. Testosterone is produced by the Leydig cells present in Testes. This production is controlled by two glands,  the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. Testo Rip X stimulates these glands by providing them with essential nutrients that cannot be provided through regular diet, which improves their functionality.

Although genetics play a major role in bodybuilding, proper diet and exercise can definitely improve results. Low fat, medium carbohydrate and high protein diet will definitely boost muscle mass and reduce fat storage. Introducing moderate intensity exercise will also help boost metabolism and elevate physical attributes.

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