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In a pandemic, the NBA is at its best. First, the league was able to organize and host the 2019/20 pregame without any problems. Now it’s getting the new season off to a good start. You can follow the latest developments in the world of basketball at Here you will have access to a variety of useful information that will help you see the sport from a new perspective.

Tournament format and participants in NBA-2020/21

The traditional structure of the tournament has undergone several changes. First is the reduction in the number of games. Each team will play 72 games in the regular season instead of the traditional 82, three games against each conference opponent and two games against teams from the other conference. The regular season starts on December 22, and ends on May 16. The NBA liked the play-in experience and in the new season the teams ranked 7th-10th in their respective conferences will also play an extra round before the playoffs. Its formula is as follows:

  • 7th team in conference vs. 8th team – playoff winner;
  • 9th vs. 10th conference team – winner continues;
  • loser of 7-8 vs. winner of 9-10 – playoff winner.

The NBA playoffs began May 22. Game seven of the final series is scheduled for July 22. The regular season and playoffs are scheduled to be played on the franchises’ home courts, without the use of “bubbles.” The admission of spectators to the stands will depend on the general epidemiological situation in the country and the order established in a particular state.

All NBA winners

The Los Angeles Lakers, after winning the title last season, won their 17th championship in history. The Lakers caught up with the Boston Celtics, who also have 17 titles. However, the Lakers took five of their titles when the team was based in Minneapolis. The NBA has only 20 champions in 74 seasons. It will be nearly impossible to catch up with a pair of leaders in the next decade: third place with six trophies is shared by Golden State and Chicago. San Antonio has one less. Philadelphia, Detroit and Miami have three wins apiece, while the New York Knicks and Houston have two each.

Ten other teams have won the NBA just once: Cleveland, Atlanta, Washington, Oklahoma, Portland, Milwaukee, Dallas, Baltimore, Sacramento State and Toronto. There are seven other clubs that have made it to the Finals but failed to win. They are Phoenix, Utah, Brooklyn, Orlando, Chicago Stags, Washington Capitols and Indiana. Unlike the National Hockey League, where unpredictability reigns and any team can win the Stanley Cup one season and not make the playoffs the next, in the National Basketball Association the trophy in recent years has been won mostly by dynasty teams.

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