Use of antidepressants

Since the 50s, when the first antidepressants were invented, there have been many more drugs and their quality has changed significantly.

Therefore, the method of exposure of a whole class of drugs – with subclasses that are divided into groups, and there are also “non-adherents” – can only be described in general terms. But we will try. First of all, we need to find the medications that will help you overcome depression. You can buy them on specialized sites, where different medicines are sold. For example, you can buy many different medicines here.

How do antidepressants work?

So, our brain consists of nerve cells, neurons that are not in contact with each other. To transmit impulses from one neuron to another, we need mediators – mediators. This function is performed, among others, by noradrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. So, in case of depression, the number of mediators is significantly reduced, which does not affect the work of the brain in the best way. Antidepressants regulate the number of mediators – and the gray substance can act normally again.

Some types of this disease do not require the use of antidepressants at all, and there is enough psychotherapy. In other cases, there is no way to do without drugs. Another nuance: a doctor can offer monotherapy (treatment with a single drug) or complex, combining different drugs and psychotherapeutic work. How many patients – so many options. What can scare? Of course, creepy terms written in the instructions for the drug. It is better to use the phrase “modern means”. Some of the latest neuroleptics have antidepressant effects, and antidepressants, in turn, are used in psychosis.

Moreover, now there are drugs that are difficult to attribute to a particular group. Therefore, you should not be afraid of the list of indications for antidepressants, which includes, for example, “schizophrenia”, “delirium”, “bipolar affective disorder”, “hallucinations” – it is not necessary that the doctor found out all this in you, and did not tell you. The same is true for the list of side effects. Pharmaceutical companies are required to list every adverse event ever registered in a clinical trial – no matter if it occurs in one in ten thousand people.

How to take antidepressants?

Antidepressants must be taken strictly as prescribed and under medical supervision! Treatment begins with a fairly low (starting) dose of the drug. Gradually, it is brought to the necessary (therapeutic) level – and it is already held throughout the course. It is especially important to be in touch with the doctor at the end of the therapy. The fact is that with the sharp abolition of antidepressants, the risk of recurrence of depression increases by 20-50%. It is best to consistently reduce the dose with a gradual exit to zero for at least 4 weeks (in some cases, even longer).

If you do it too quickly and, moreover, without the knowledge of a specialist, you can earn the so-called withdrawal syndrome. It includes a variety of unpleasant vegetative manifestations (flu-like condition, insomnia, nausea, sensory disorders, lethargy or hyper-excitement) and sometimes mental disorders (delusions, hallucinations). As a rule, this condition lasts from one day to one or two weeks. And the myth of getting used to antidepressants is connected with the withdrawal syndrome.

If you want to overcome depression, you will need to use antidepressants anyway. This will help to influence the disease medically and significantly accelerate the recovery process. At the moment, you can buy excellent quality antidepressants on the Internet. For example, on the website you can find a wide range of such medications, which will help you solve your problem as soon as possible.